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Return of the Who by Gary Marks
Remove R Comic (aka rm -r comic), by Gary Marks:Return of the Who

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Dr Who
Wow. I'm so very excited at the prospect of new Dr. Who episodes. The last two seasons were amazing. They had me holding my breath and being amazed. I was initially skeptical when I head that they were going to make new Dr. Who episodes after a 20 year break, but I've been happily suprised.

I still remember watching Dr. Who as a child. My dad was a big fan, and he would let us stay awake for it. It was shown at 11pm on WTTW on Sunday nights. He would make popcorn and we would all sit around the TV and watch. It was great. I loved the show. What can I say, I was younger then.

Recently I and some friends have been re-watching all of Dr. Who, starting with Hartnell and working our way forward. We're currently on Pertwee. Initially I thought the storys would be great, and I would be enthralled again. This however did not happen. Some stories are good, but most are campy at best, and yet I keep watching the old ones. The Dr. Who night quickly morphed into a Mystery Science Theater type of event. An evening where friends sit around and eat food, drink, and watch/make fun of Dr. Who. It's great. I really enjoy it, and soon new episodes.

For those of you who don't know about Dr. Who, here are a couple links.
Who North America : the site where I bought all the Dr. Who episodes on VHS
Wikipedia's Dr. Who entry

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