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Apr 2 2007->Oct 31 2015

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Comic dateComicComment
2007-04-02Return of the Who  
2007-04-09Chicken Legs  
2007-04-11High security  
2007-04-16PA Theft  
2007-04-18The TARDIS trot  
2007-04-23The Proper Plug  
2007-04-25Break a hip  
2007-04-30Peru, part 1  
2007-05-02Top priority  
2007-05-07Tarantula sense  
2007-05-09Devil in the details  
2007-05-16Peru, part 2  
2007-05-21Workplace Etiquette (Project Communication)  
2007-05-23Peru, part 3  
2007-05-28Memorial Day Blast  
2007-05-30Peru, part 4  
2007-06-04Dance of the tired fool  
2007-06-06Never Sleep  
2007-06-11Glug glug  
2007-06-19Peru, part 5  
2007-06-20Solstice break  
2007-06-25Steps to master programming  
2007-06-27Peru, part 6  
2007-07-02The sweet die young  
2007-07-04Peru, part 7  
2007-07-09The nail that sticks up  
2007-07-11Peru, part 8  
2007-07-16Where do you fall?  
2007-07-18Late Night Coder to the rescue  
2007-07-23More than meets the eye  
2007-07-25Projector madness, take one  
2007-07-30Punny bug!  
2007-08-01Peru, part 9  
2007-08-06Up in the sky!  
2007-08-08Greater than 1, less than 3  
2007-08-13WizardWorld 07  
2007-08-15The two staples of life  
2007-08-20Open office etiquette  
2007-08-22Peru, part 10, Lama, lama, lama  
2007-08-27Atom addict  
2007-08-29Bring forth the rain!  
2007-09-05Man overboard  
2007-09-10Man overboard (finished)  
2007-09-12Zoning zombie  
2007-09-17Bouncing bad-ass Bourne  
2007-09-19Too much gaming: The wedding  
2007-09-24Too much gaming: Mushroom  
2007-09-26Too much gaming: Pac-ed  
2007-10-016 Months  
2007-10-03Too much gaming: Russian cake  
2007-10-08Too much gaming: Let it glow  
2007-10-10Stylus down  
2007-10-17MEetinGS gone WilD  
2007-10-22All in due time  
2007-10-24Beaten and bruised  
2007-10-29Cereal killer  
2007-10-30More costume ideas  
2007-10-31Boo who  
2007-11-01Peaceful night's sleep  
2007-11-02Vampire jokes  
2007-11-05Fire fighting  
2007-11-07Clash of titans  
2007-11-12Just a pile  
2007-11-14Binary wave  
2007-11-19The invite  
2007-11-20The morning of  
2007-11-21The hunt  
2007-11-22The dinner  
2007-11-23The aftermath  
2007-11-26First snow  
2007-12-03Dancing monkey  
2007-12-10Company lunch plans  
2007-12-12Public phonage  
2007-12-17A gift for Jacob: Part 1  
2007-12-18A gift for Jacob: Part 2  
2007-12-19A gift for Jacob: Part 3  
2007-12-20A gift for Jacob: Part 4  
2007-12-21A gift for Jacob: Part 5  
2007-12-22A gift for Jacob: Part 6  
2007-12-23A gift for Jacob: Part 7  
2007-12-24A gift for Jacob: Part 8  
2007-12-25A gift for Jacob: Part 9  
2007-12-26A gift for Jacob: Part 10  
2007-12-27A gift for Jacob: Part 11  
2007-12-28A gift for Jacob: Part 12  
2007-12-31Glug glug  
2008-01-02Tied up  
2008-01-07Evils of technology  
2008-01-09So very thirsty  
2008-01-14Working late: a study of speech  
2008-01-16Konnichiwa nihongo  
2008-01-21100 bytes on the buffer  
2008-01-28If we lived in video game: 1  
2008-01-30If we lived in video game: 2: Sonic zoom  
2008-02-04Let it snow, let it snow...  
2008-02-11Good lord, 30  
2008-02-18Change me  
2008-02-20Related to fires  
2008-02-25Snowy days  
2008-02-27Bring on the fire  
2008-03-03Vegas baby  
2008-03-05Bathroom folly  
2008-03-12Hot banana  
2008-03-17The 600  
2008-03-19Always lie  
2008-03-24The shocker  
2008-03-26Ram rocket  
2008-03-31Jacob's package  
2008-04-02Year one.  
2008-04-07Digging a hole  
2008-04-09Late night  
2008-04-14City of LAN  
2008-04-21Love connection  
2008-04-23Piece of the dark side  
2008-04-30Radiation warning  
2008-05-02My minions  
2008-05-05Relaxing escape  
2008-05-07Dancing jester  
2008-05-09One of those days  
2008-05-12Another successful seminar  
2008-05-14Leap before you look  
2008-05-16Beyond an ember of a doubt  
2008-05-19So it endith  
2008-05-23Crossed pens  
2008-05-26Memorial day  
2008-05-28Deadline down  
2008-05-29D plane.. D plane  
2008-05-30Midnight emails  
2008-06-02Splish splash  
2008-06-04Does not compute  
2008-06-06Modern art bytes  
2008-06-09Anything Jase can do...  
2008-06-11Slap me silly  
2008-06-13Projecting predictions  
2008-06-16Sword of steel  
2008-06-18Want a byte from the stream?  
2008-06-23Gzip -d  
2008-06-25Play time is over  
2008-06-27Camp spam  
2008-06-30Isn't the sword larger  
2008-07-02Comic nirvana  
2008-07-04It's my flag, and I need it now  
2008-07-07Welcome to my life  
2008-07-09The truth  
2008-07-11Right man for the job  
2008-07-14Freaks like us  
2008-07-16Super suprise  
2008-07-18Send in the drones  
2008-07-21Taking a break  
2008-07-23Tricky candles  
2008-07-25Burn baby burn  
2008-07-28Just... just... just one more level.  
2008-07-30Work exception  
2008-08-01Arc it  
2008-08-04Indies hoe  
2008-08-11Grub worm  
2008-08-13Just desserts  
2008-08-15MMO fau paxs and rules, part 1  
2008-08-18Nothing to see here  
2008-08-20Just another day  
2008-08-22MMO fau paxs and rules, part 2  
2008-08-25Twinkle twinkle  
2008-08-27Little star  
2008-08-29Staying true  
2008-09-03A hee hee  
2008-09-05EM DS  
2008-09-08Mmmm salty  
2008-09-12Witness funeral  
2008-09-15First impressions, part 1  
2008-09-17First impressions, part 2  
2008-09-19Arrr it be a fine day  
2008-09-22First impressions, part 3  
2008-09-24First impressions, part 4  
2008-10-03Keep going when it's hard  
2008-10-06Prepping for Fallout  
2008-10-08The vault  
2008-10-10Proud voter  
2008-10-13The calm  
2008-10-16The pack grows.  
2008-10-17Broadcast emails  
2008-10-20Completely wet  
2008-10-22True male motivation  
2008-10-24Writer's block  
2008-10-28Halloween 2008 countdown, 1  
2008-10-29Bunker buster  
2008-10-31Halloween 2008  
2008-11-03Smashy smashy  
2008-11-05It works!  
2008-11-07Smooth planning  
2008-11-10The abyss  
2008-11-14Home coming  
2008-11-17Hitting the LOO  
2008-11-21Company stream  
2008-11-24Hand scanner hack  
2008-11-26Burying the hatchet  
2008-11-28Happy Thanksgiving  
2008-12-01Returning next week  
2008-12-08R Christmas, part 1 of 12  
2008-12-09R Christmas, part 2 of 12  
2008-12-10R Christmas, part 3 of 12  
2008-12-11R Christmas, part 4 of 12  
2008-12-12To be in sales  
2008-12-15R Christmas, part 5 of 12  
2008-12-16R Christmas, part 6 of 12  
2008-12-17R Christmas, part 7 of 12  
2008-12-18R Christmas, part 8 of 12  
2008-12-19Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?  
2008-12-22R Christmas, part 9 of 12  
2008-12-23R Christmas, part 10 of 12  
2008-12-24R Christmas, part 11 of 12  
2008-12-25R Christmas, part 12 of 12  
2008-12-26Party animal  
2008-12-29Christmas aftermath 08  
2008-12-31I miss chainsaws  
2009-01-01Sleeping in  
2009-01-02Just another year  
2009-01-05Sweet, sweet desert  
2009-01-07Mmmm foil-iage  
2009-01-09Why does it work for sales?  
2009-01-12A flight of turtle.  
2009-01-14Going I am  
2009-01-16Why are you always late?  
2009-01-20Smooth sailing. Coming soon.  
2009-01-21It's just cold  
2009-01-23Mr. Sir "Lucky" Woodland Underbush Stick the third  
2009-01-26Mmmmm sausage  
2009-01-28Just a code monkey  
2009-01-30Root for all  
2009-02-02Old man on the stage  
2009-02-04Not tonight  
2009-02-09Still alive  
2009-02-11Bow Peep  
2009-02-13Home alone  
2009-02-16Pay the star  
2009-02-18The mighty package  
2009-02-20Clutch the rod  
2009-02-23Zombie horde  
2009-02-25The goggles, they do nothing  
2009-02-27Pretty lights  
2009-03-02Snake pit  
2009-03-04Big money  
2009-03-06Just a little higher  
2009-03-09They're coming  
2009-03-11The BIG 2-0-0  
2009-03-13Father time  
2009-03-16Watchmen, growing popularity  
2009-03-20A Wii bit of fun  
2009-03-23Big trouble  
2009-03-27Personal space  
2009-03-30Watch this  
2009-04-03Lock, stock, and two smoking corpses  
2009-04-10Peep this  
2009-04-13Hopefully blue  
2009-04-17Doctor doctor  
2009-04-20Happy ending  
2009-04-24Evolution of a week  
2009-04-27Birds and bees  
2009-05-01Carry on my wayward son  
2009-05-03Birds and bees (refinished)  
2009-05-04Full frontal  
2009-05-08I'm a  
2009-05-11Me a pet, you a pet  
2009-05-15Fullly loaded  
2009-05-18To the recapper  
2009-05-22Pray not for me  
2009-05-25Give him a cape and let him fly  
2009-05-29Boom goes the brain pan  
2009-06-01To hell you say  
2009-06-05Step on it  
2009-06-08The anatomy of Cupid, part 1  
2009-06-122+2=Do my work  
2009-06-15The anatomy of Cupid, part 2  
2009-06-19Correct me not  
2009-06-22The anatomy of Cupid, part 3  
2009-06-26Crash the wedding  
2009-06-29The anatomy of Cupid, part 4  
2009-07-03Independence day  
2009-07-06The anatomy of Cupid, part 5  
2009-07-10Meeting maddness  
2009-07-13The anatomy of Cupid, part 6  
2009-07-15Color me surprised, contest winner  
2009-07-17Combat 101  
2009-07-20I was the one up all night  
2009-07-24Back it up  
2009-07-27Late night snack  
2009-07-31And the cold won  
2009-08-03If only it was Freddy  
2009-08-07Wizard World prep  
2009-08-10Covered in comics  
2009-08-14Cut me off a piece of that  
2009-08-17The call  
2009-08-21Satisfaction comes to those who wait  
2009-08-24Play alone, or LFT  
2009-08-28Simple solution  
2009-08-31Hold me  
2009-09-07Champions online  
2009-09-11The MMO madness  
2009-09-18Da pirate code - part 1  
2009-09-21Debuff me, baby  
2009-09-25Super burger rocket  
2009-09-28The master, MasterSmasher  
2009-10-09Don't judge me  
2009-10-12Same old. Same old.  
2009-10-16Mime time  
2009-10-23Cutting edge  
2009-10-26Jacob's Halloween adventure, Part 1 of 4  
2009-10-27Jacob's Halloween adventure, Part 2 of 4  
2009-10-28Time for some pie  
2009-10-29Jacob's Halloween adventure, Part 3 of 4  
2009-10-30Jacob's Halloween adventure, Part 4 of 4  
2009-11-02Reoccuring spector  
2009-11-09Bleeding edge  
2009-11-13Friday=Saturday, thereforeThrusday=Friday  
2009-11-14My balls are bigger  
2009-11-16Slaying old one eye  
2009-11-20Crowbar brigade  
2009-11-23Turkey coma  
2009-11-30Take it away  
2009-12-04To the moon  
2009-12-11Frozen stiff  
2009-12-14My project gave to me, part 1 of 12  
2009-12-15My project gave to me, part 2 of 12  
2009-12-16My project gave to me, part 3 of 12  
2009-12-17My project gave to me, part 4 of 12  
2009-12-18My project gave to me, part 5 of 12  
2009-12-19My project gave to me, part 6 of 12  
2009-12-20My project gave to me, part 7 of 12  
2009-12-21My project gave to me, part 8 of 12  
2009-12-22My project gave to me, part 9 of 12  
2009-12-23My project gave to me, part 10 of 12  
2009-12-24My project gave to me, part 11 of 12  
2009-12-25My project gave to me, part 12 of 12  
2009-12-28Strung up  
2010-01-01Scope creep  
2010-01-04Recap doctor  
2010-01-08PCI compliance  
2010-01-11The power of fuchsia  
2010-01-15The fork of truth, part 1 of 2  
2010-01-18Needs more...  
2010-01-22The fork of truth, part 2 of 2  
2010-01-25Male mind  
2010-01-29A penny saved  
2010-02-01Style us.  
2010-02-12Picked, packed, and shipped  
2010-03-01Work, the non-work alternative  
2010-03-05Fade to black  
2010-03-08Complete system synergy  
2010-03-09Build up  
2010-03-10Let the waiting begin  
2010-03-11...and we waited  
2010-03-12If train A travels at 300mph  
2010-03-15Like a foul wind  
2010-03-19Mine don't stink  
2010-03-26Done in a splat  
2010-03-29The smokin gun  
2010-04-07All numb  
2010-04-09Log admin  
2010-04-12Just the two of us  
2010-04-16Fire burn  
2010-04-19No comic  
2010-04-23F U N Ni  
2010-04-26Survivor, in game  
2010-04-30No contest  
2010-05-03One for my homies  
2010-05-07Bubbly personality  
2010-05-10Hop to it. Too late.  
2010-05-12Bots all folks  
2010-05-14Lick and spit  
2010-05-17Into little pieces  
2010-05-24Free and clear  
2010-05-28Bigger than a bread box  
2010-05-31Flipp'n my meat  
2010-06-04Swing your bat  
2010-06-07Virtually alone  
2010-06-11Idiom interpretation  
2010-06-14Together they fall  
2010-06-18World's smallest  
2010-06-21The wolf, the ram, and the hart  
2010-06-25Use a cross walk  
2010-07-05Shoot for the stars  
2010-07-09Five alarm fire  
2010-07-16Unleash your force  
2010-07-23Think faster than your friends  
2010-07-26Fly me to the moon  
2010-07-30Finally here  
2010-08-02A brave new quest  
2010-08-06Ms Interpretation  
2010-08-09Place holder 69, need I say more?  
2010-08-14Swing and a miss  
2010-08-20Wizard World 2010  
2010-08-21Wizard World 2010, day 2  
2010-08-22Wizard World 2010, day 3  
2010-08-23Wizard World 2010, Day 4  
2010-08-27I call him, Big Man  
2010-08-30Ping of finality  
2010-09-03Rinse and repeat  
2010-09-06Trail head  
2010-09-10Axe of justice  
2010-09-13Just chill'n  
2010-09-20Ye-arrrrr-ly comic  
2010-09-24At least my mind travels straight  
2010-09-27Deep aching  
2010-10-01Looking for a think tank  
2010-10-04Hand it to me  
2010-10-08For ever and ever  
2010-10-13Balefully Odd Outing: Part 1 of 20  
2010-10-14Balefully Odd Outing: Part 2 of 20  
2010-10-15Balefully Odd Outing: Part 3 of 20  
2010-10-16Balefully Odd Outing: Part 4 of 20  
2010-10-17Balefully Odd Outing: Part 5 of 20  
2010-10-18Balefully Odd Outing: Part 6 of 20  
2010-10-19Balefully Odd Outing: Part 7 of 20  
2010-10-20Balefully Odd Outing: Part 8 of 20  
2010-10-21Balefully Odd Outing: Part 9 of 20  
2010-10-22Balefully Odd Outing: Part 10 of 20  
2010-10-23Balefully Odd Outing: Part 11 of 20  
2010-10-24Balefully Odd Outing: Part 12 of 20  
2010-10-25Balefully Odd Outing: Part 13 of 20  
2010-10-26Balefully Odd Outing: Part 14 of 20  
2010-10-27Balefully Odd Outing: Part 15 of 20  
2010-10-28Balefully Odd Outing: Part 16 of 20  
2010-10-29Balefully Odd Outing: Part 17 of 20  
2010-10-30Balefully Odd Outing: Part 18 of 20  
2010-10-31Balefully Odd Outing: Part 19 of 20  
2010-11-01Balefully Odd Outing: Part 20 of 20  
2010-11-05Mmmm salty  
2010-11-08Six thirty in the A.M.  
2010-11-12Bouncy ball  
2010-11-19In the dark  
2010-11-22Saw nothing  
2010-11-26Black friday  
2010-11-29Putt, putt, puh...  
2010-12-03Business technical solutions  
2010-12-10Defining a deadline  
2010-12-13Broken bulb  
2010-12-17Polar delight  
2010-12-20Stream too large, increase buffer  
2010-12-24Twas the night  
2010-12-27Plasmid boost  
2011-01-03Promises, promises  
2011-01-14Use as directed  
2011-01-17Sleepless flights  
2011-01-21Lack of information age  
2011-01-24Clear communications  
2011-02-04Dumb terminals  
2011-02-07One more and I'm done  
2011-02-11Time bomb  
2011-02-14Four hours and call a doctor  
2011-02-18System fires  
2011-02-25Return on sending  
2011-03-02Pa rum pum pum pum  
2011-03-07Going down  
2011-03-11Digitally capped user  
2011-03-14Down but not out  
2011-03-18Back breaking wok  
2011-03-21Smell of success  
2011-03-25Power boost  
2011-03-28Going blind  
2011-04-01Wasted meat  
2011-04-04Comic through and through  
2011-04-08Just one more cut  
2011-04-11Wizardly place  
2011-04-15Plundging into migrations  
2011-04-18Formal shedding  
2011-04-22Show me the money  
2011-04-25Through the rabbit hole  
2011-04-29Aperture closing sale  
2011-05-02Beautiful balls  
2011-05-06DCU Down  
2011-05-09Nothing to see here  
2011-05-13Always chasing the balls  
2011-05-16Driven to perfection  
2011-05-20SOAP action  
2011-05-23Best friends forever  
2011-05-27Covered in balls  
2011-05-30I salute you  
2011-06-03Cooking with code  
2011-06-06I feel pretty  
2011-06-10Call me a doctor  
2011-06-13Back it up  
2011-06-17Sliding into home  
2011-06-20The songs of angels  
2011-06-24Continual longing  
2011-06-27Dashed away  
2011-07-01Change of face  
2011-07-04For the Forth  
2011-07-08No trips this fall  
2011-07-11Truth or scare  
2011-07-15Perfect LANd  
2011-07-18Sugar and spice  
2011-07-22Put, put, poof  
2011-07-25Dance revolution  
2011-07-29Life decisions  
2011-08-01Flattery will get you nowhere  
2011-08-08The inevitable  
2011-08-12Lined up with nowhere to go  
2011-08-13License to draw, revoked  
2011-08-14The chin  
2011-08-15Packed and ready  
2011-08-16Chicago comic con, page1  
2011-08-17Chicago comic con, page2  
2011-08-18Chicago comic con, page3  
2011-08-19Chicago comic con, page4  
2011-08-20Chicago comic con, page5  
2011-08-21Chicago comic con, page6  
2011-08-22Chicago comic con, page7  
2011-08-23Chicago comic con, page8  
2011-08-24Chicago comic con, page9  
2011-08-25Chicago comic con, page10  
2011-08-26Chicago comic con, page11  
2011-08-27Chicago comic con, page12  
2011-08-29Batting away bliss  
2011-08-31I love birthday suits  
2011-09-02Pete and Repeat  
2011-09-07Hot coffee  
2011-09-09Deliveries in rear  
2011-09-12Stuck in mud  
2011-09-14Lets work this out  
2011-09-19Define work  
2011-09-23Work cycle  
2011-09-26And squee goes the bee  
2011-09-28What is the exchange rate for a brain?  
2011-09-30Business driven  
2011-10-01Halloween 2011, 1 of 32  
2011-10-02Halloween 2011, 2 of 32  
2011-10-03Halloween 2011, 3 of 32  
2011-10-04Halloween 2011, 4 of 32  
2011-10-05Halloween 2011, 5 of 32  
2011-10-06Halloween 2011, 6 of 32  
2011-10-07Halloween 2011, 7 of 32  
2011-10-08Halloween 2011, 8 of 32  
2011-10-09Halloween 2011, 9 of 32  
2011-10-10Halloween 2011, 10 of 32  
2011-10-11Halloween 2011, 11 of 32  
2011-10-12Halloween 2011, 12 of 32  
2011-10-13Halloween 2011, 13 of 32  
2011-10-14Halloween 2011, 14 of 32  
2011-10-15Halloween 2011, 15 of 32  
2011-10-16Halloween 2011, 16 of 32  
2011-10-17Halloween 2011, 17 of 32  
2011-10-18Halloween 2011, 18 of 32  
2011-10-19Halloween 2011, 19 of 32  
2011-10-20Halloween 2011, 20 of 32  
2011-10-21Halloween 2011, 21 of 32  
2011-10-22Halloween 2011, 22 of 32  
2011-10-23Halloween 2011, 23 of 32  
2011-10-24Halloween 2011, 24 of 32  
2011-10-25Halloween 2011, 25 of 32  
2011-10-26Halloween 2011, 26 of 32  
2011-10-27Halloween 2011, 27 of 32  
2011-10-28Halloween 2011, 28 of 32  
2011-10-29Halloween 2011, 29 of 32  
2011-10-30Halloween 2011, 30 of 32  
2011-10-31Halloween 2011, 31 of 32  
2011-11-02Halloween 2011, 32 of 32  
2011-11-04Mystery of mysteries  
2011-11-07Eating out  
2011-11-09Bitter sweet  
2011-11-11Which end is sharp again?  
2011-11-14Dragons cometh  
2011-11-16Skyrim intervention  
2011-11-18Punished by play  
2011-11-21Raw meat  
2011-11-23Night caps  
2011-11-25Giving of thanks  
2011-11-28What a fine your gentleman  
2011-11-30Eating in  
2011-12-02One in the brain pan, squish  
2011-12-052011 Holiday tale, part 1 of 12  
2011-12-072011 Holiday tale, part 2 of 12  
2011-12-092011 Holiday tale, part 3 of 12  
2011-12-122011 Holiday tale, part 4 of 12  
2011-12-14Flap flap  
2011-12-16Super with a capital S  
2011-12-19Free falling  
2011-12-212011 Holiday tale, part 5 of 12  
2011-12-222011 Holiday tale, part 6 of 12  
2011-12-232011 Holiday tale, part 7 of 12  
2011-12-242011 Holiday tale, part 8 of 12  
2011-12-262011 Holiday tale, part 9 of 12  
2011-12-282011 Holiday tale, part 10 of 12  
2011-12-302011 Holiday tale, part 11 of 12  
2012-01-022011 Holiday tale, part 12 of 12  
2012-01-04Holiday haul  
2012-01-06Beans, beans, the magical fruit  
2012-01-09Track side track  
2012-01-11A forgotten past  
2012-01-16For whom the bell tolls  
2012-01-18Washing with SOPA  
2012-01-20Mini me is all I see  
2012-01-23Back from home  
2012-01-25State of the Union 2012  
2012-01-27Here a crypt there a crypt  
2012-01-30A little fun  
2012-02-01Thish is a greaaat c-comic  
2012-02-03Gassy screen of success  
2012-02-06The Thuum of snow clearing  
2012-02-08Sweet savory side quests  
2012-02-10The bigger they are, the harder they... something  
2012-02-132012 Hiatus 1 of 6  
2012-02-152012 Hiatus 2 of 6  
2012-02-182012 Hiatus 3 of 6  
2012-02-222012 Hiatus 4 of 6  
2012-02-232012 Hiatus 5 of 6  
2012-02-242012 Hiatus 6 of 6  
2012-02-29Asking the important questions  
2012-03-02Taste the rainbow  
2012-03-07Look! THERE it is!  
2012-03-09Malwares, not my warez  
2012-03-12Practical poet  
2012-03-14Raiders of the lost tech  
2012-03-16Java plus pot equals equilibrium  
2012-03-19Born free  
2012-03-21Just repeat that funky beat  
2012-03-23Cause I needed to  
2012-03-27Held in place  
2012-03-30Never quite when you expect it  
2012-04-03Consecrated in fire  
2012-04-04Web serviced  
2012-04-06Served with a...  
2012-04-09All the live long day  
2012-04-11Insert it all  
2012-04-13Cornier with more horns  
2012-04-15Panel of the fatal death  
2012-04-16Phrased development  
2012-04-18But I'm not a robot, right?  
2012-04-20Well worded  
2012-04-23Tag. Gotcha!  
2012-04-25Picking at old wounds  
2012-04-27Jazz hands  
2012-04-30A cabin surrounded by wood  
2012-05-02Arts and crafts  
2012-05-04A bit of this and a bit of that  
2012-05-07Assemble after opening  
2012-05-09Foamy delight  
2012-05-11The dark night  
2012-05-14Why I'm popular at weddings #1  
2012-05-16Why I'm popular at weddings #2  
2012-05-18Why I'm popular at weddings #3  
2012-05-22Reversion is the solution  
2012-05-23Corporate edition  
2012-05-25Client integration  
2012-05-28Memorial day 2012  
2012-05-30Just fire kindling  
2012-06-01Querying the table  
2012-06-06Brainy stuff  
2012-06-08400 pieces of gold  
2012-06-10Too much tongue  
2012-06-11 Don't ask, don't tell  
2012-06-13Some ram doesn't help with memory  
2012-06-15Cycle of a developer  
2012-06-18Denver Comic Con 2012  
2012-06-20Really terrifically formatted manual  
2012-06-22Free wheeling  
2012-06-25A kick for a bazillion dollars  
2012-06-27A jungle of problems  
2012-06-29The technological purple monkey hula dance cell phone game  
2012-07-02Worming my way home  
2012-07-04Running home  
2012-07-06Piled in pleasure  
2012-07-09Poking through  
2012-07-11Pie squared  
2012-07-13Almost there  
2012-07-16Guest comic 1  
2012-07-18Guest comic 2  
2012-07-20Guest comic 3  
2012-07-23Guest comic 4  
2012-07-25And BOOM goes the rifle  
2012-07-30Feets don't fail me now  
2012-08-01Return of an emotional roller coaster  
2012-08-03Bubbles equal boil  
2012-08-08Somebody, somebody, somebody...  
2012-08-10B is for bad  
2012-08-13Pre VS post  
2012-08-15Avenger of the sanctum  
2012-08-17Tra la lah la lah  
2012-08-20East meets midwest  
2012-08-22Listlessly waiting  
2012-08-29The harder the drive  
2012-08-31Now with more panel  
2012-09-03Who's there  
2012-09-05Meet you over there  
2012-09-06Burdens, two for the price of one  
2012-09-07Interview test one  
2012-09-10There is no where to run  
2012-09-12And so it responded, "Eh. Why not?"  
2012-09-14Just having fun  
2012-09-17Spell check FTW  
2012-09-19Come hither, yon sailor  
2012-09-21You'll shoot your eye out  
2012-09-24Suffer for your music  
2012-09-26Search for the bug of gold  
2012-09-28So call me maybe  
2012-10-01Wax on, pun off, 1 of 23  
2012-10-02Wax on, pun off, 2 of 23  
2012-10-03Wax on, pun off, 3 of 23  
2012-10-04Wax on, pun off, 4 of 23  
2012-10-05Wax on, pun off, 5 of 23  
2012-10-08Wax on, pun off, 6 of 23  
2012-10-09Wax on, pun off, 7 of 23  
2012-10-10Wax on, pun off, 8 of 23  
2012-10-11Wax on, pun off, 9 of 23  
2012-10-12Wax on, pun off, 10 of 23  
2012-10-15Wax on, pun off, 11 of 23  
2012-10-16Wax on, pun off, 12 of 23  
2012-10-17Wax on, pun off, 13 of 23  
2012-10-18Wax on, pun off, 14 of 23  
2012-10-19Wax on, pun off, 15 of 23  
2012-10-22Wax on, pun off, 16 of 23  
2012-10-23Wax on, pun off, 17 of 23  
2012-10-24Wax on, pun off, 18 of 23  
2012-10-25Wax on, pun off, 19 of 23  
2012-10-26Wax on, pun off, 20 of 23  
2012-10-29Wax on, pun off, 21 of 23  
2012-10-30Wax on, pun off, 22 of 23  
2012-10-31Wax on, pun off, 23 of 23  
2012-11-05Gishwhes 2012  
2012-11-07Poll position  
2012-11-09Decidedly, undecided  
2012-11-12Gobble. Gobble. Goodbye.  
2012-11-14Canned jokes  
2012-11-16Noob unicorn seeks happy victim  
2012-11-19Throw the turkey on the fire  
2012-11-23Give a turkey a hand  
2012-11-28To battle, then retreat  
2012-11-30The cold cometh  
2012-12-03Next time, have the boys wash it  
2012-12-05I can't bare it, but don't stop  
2012-12-10Mr. DeMille  
2012-12-12Going the distance  
2012-12-14Where do you get guidance?  
2012-12-17Shame we're not playing horse shoes  
2012-12-19Fishy revenge  
2012-12-21You're never safe  
2012-12-25Like a chimney brick house  
2012-12-26All boxed up  
2012-12-28Stuffed and ready to burst  
2013-01-02Think towards the future  
2013-01-04Quotable authenticity  
2013-01-07Away we go  
2013-01-11And all the kings horses  
2013-01-14Welcome warnings  
2013-01-16A mouse in the house  
2013-01-18Programmer's delight  
2013-01-21Real life typos  
2013-01-231. AAA 0026000 pts  
2013-01-26Flight of whine  
2013-01-28Ice see you  
2013-01-30The beating of a lifetime  
2013-02-01Spot the differences game part one of two  
2013-02-04Riddled developer  
2013-02-06Been served  
2013-02-08Spot the differences game part two of two  
2013-02-11Tastes like chicken  
2013-02-13State of the Union  
2013-02-15Playing with wood  
2013-02-18Boxed in  
2013-02-20Saved realities  
2013-02-22Hide yourself in my balls  
2013-02-25Quality time  
2013-02-27Meeting bait  
2013-03-01The wonder of winter  
2013-03-04Well defined  
2013-03-06Looking on the bright side  
2013-03-08Bait and switchblade  
2013-03-11All dressed up  
2013-03-13Piecing it together  
2013-03-15A symphony of sorrow  
2013-03-18Pussy play  
2013-03-20Hunter Bubble 9000  
2013-03-23Just chucking out an idea  
2013-03-25I hair you  
2013-03-27You can't myth the snow  
2013-04-01Martial artist  
2013-04-03The other side  
2013-04-05Sugar and spice and everything nice  
2013-04-08Opening the box  
2013-04-10Arc of the miscellaneous  
2013-04-12Booked up  
2013-04-15Here kitty, kitty, kitty  
2013-04-17Virtual comic  
2013-04-19Gary smash punny comic  
2013-04-24Sleepless in solo  
2013-04-26Shake shake shake  
2013-04-29C2E2 2013 1 of 3  
2013-05-01C2E2 2013 2 of 3  
2013-05-03C2E2 2013 3 of 3  
2013-05-06This isn't Oz  
2013-05-08Fade to past  
2013-05-10Masters of disguise  
2013-05-13Dropping the M bomb  
2013-05-15Silent but deadly  
2013-05-17Light it up  
2013-05-20Fried, so flip me over  
2013-05-22Aww yeah  
2013-05-24Boxers, not brief  
2013-05-31Re-boxed fun  
2013-06-03Working girl  
2013-06-05Bought and sold  
2013-06-07Command the pox  
2013-06-10Missed it, by  
2013-06-12First date etiquette, mutton  
2013-06-14A sticky guide to symbolic links  
2013-06-17Work'n it  
2013-06-19Let he who dost render cast the first stone  
2013-06-22And then it all went to pot  
2013-06-24Being serviced  
2013-06-28Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everywhere  
2013-07-01Klang, klang, klang goes the bell  
2013-07-03All fixde  
2013-07-05Give it your all  
2013-07-08You can't take my class away from me  
2013-07-10A horde of bugs  
2013-07-12Last Easter vacation he takes  
2013-07-15Proof of achievement  
2013-07-17Chicago Comic Con Poster Rough  
2013-07-19Beware of the PC  
2013-07-22Summer Camp 2013 1 of 3  
2013-07-24Summer Camp 2013 2 of 3  
2013-07-26Summer Camp 2013 3 of 3  
2013-07-29Cut on the dotted line  
2013-07-31Sizzling servers  
2013-08-02Zs are gonna getcha  
2013-08-05Born to be nerdy  
2013-08-07Aren't you glad they made Sharknado part 1 of 5  
2013-08-09Aren't you glad they made Sharknado part 2 of 5  
2013-08-10Aren't you glad they made Sharknado part 3 of 5  
2013-08-12Cap'n a whirlwind  
2013-08-13Aren't you glad they made Sharknado part 4 of 5  
2013-08-14Aren't you glad they made Sharknado part 5 of 5  
2013-08-16What's this site you keep saying you have?  
2013-08-19Character introduction  
2013-08-21On schedule for destruction  
2013-08-26Don't be Klingy  
2013-08-28Three's a crowd  
2013-08-30Public transit memoirs  
2013-09-04More like /dev/null tunnel  
2013-09-09I'll swallow your soul, if given a little salt  
2013-09-11Just a bit more  
2013-09-13An arm and a leg  
2013-09-16Guest Comic 5  
2013-09-18Guest Comic 6  
2013-09-19Guest Comic 7  
2013-09-23Guest Comic 8  
2013-09-25This little piggy ate King Robert  
2013-09-27Give me pasta, or give me death!  
2013-09-30Guest Comic 9  
2013-10-02Guest Comic 10  
2013-10-05Guest Comic 11  
2013-10-07Hot skies and cold nights, Part 1 of 31  
2013-10-08Hot skies and cold nights, Part 2 of 31  
2013-10-09Hot skies and cold nights, Part 3 of 31  
2013-10-10Hot skies and cold nights, Part 4 of 31  
2013-10-11Hot skies and cold nights, Part 5 of 31  
2013-10-12Hot skies and cold nights, Part 6 of 31  
2013-10-13Hot skies and cold nights, Part 7 of 31  
2013-10-14Hot skies and cold nights, Part 8 of 31  
2013-10-15Hot skies and cold nights, Part 9 of 31  
2013-10-16Hot skies and cold nights, Part 10 of 31  
2013-10-17Hot skies and cold nights, Part 11 of 31  
2013-10-18Hot skies and cold nights, Part 12 of 31  
2013-10-19Hot skies and cold nights, Part 13 of 31  
2013-10-20Hot skies and cold nights, Part 14 of 31  
2013-10-22Hot skies and cold nights, Part 15 of 31  
2013-10-23Hot skies and cold nights, Part 16 of 31  
2013-10-24Hot skies and cold nights, Part 17 of 31  
2013-10-25Hot skies and cold nights, Part 18 of 31  
2013-10-26Hot skies and cold nights, Part 19 of 31  
2013-10-29Hot skies and cold nights, Part 20 of 31  
2013-10-30Hot skies and cold nights, Part 21 of 31  
2013-10-31Hot skies and cold nights, Part 22 of 31  
2013-11-04Hot skies and cold nights, Part 23 of 31  
2013-11-05Hot skies and cold nights, Part 24 of 31  
2013-11-06Hot skies and cold nights, Part 25 of 31  
2013-11-09Hot skies and cold nights, Part 26 of 31  
2013-11-11Hot skies and cold nights, Part 27 of 31  
2013-11-12Hot skies and cold nights, Part 28 of 31  
2013-11-13Hot skies and cold nights, Part 29 of 31  
2013-11-14Hot skies and cold nights, Part 30 of 31  
2013-11-15Hot skies and cold nights, Part 31 of 31  
2013-11-18Riverfront property  
2013-11-20Mongo SMASH  
2013-11-25Dance with the light  
2013-11-27Let the darkness fall  
2013-11-29Pac'ed and rolling  
2013-12-02Bright ideas  
2013-12-04Puff the magic manager  
2013-12-09Broken hopes  
2013-12-11Intern, when's my turn?  
2013-12-13Coup d'coop  
2013-12-16I know what you're thinking  
2013-12-18Slot mounted rack  
2013-12-23Work wonderland  
2013-12-25Merry mass of X  
2013-12-27Brick house  
2013-12-30Saucy mistress steam  
2014-01-03Crumbly goodness  
2014-01-06Auto corrected  
2014-01-10It's a flush  
2014-01-13Double trouble  
2014-01-17Joke's on you.  
2014-01-20Dead line  
2014-01-24Show me who's you're Doctor!  
2014-01-27Emergency escape plan  
2014-01-31A fumbling engagement  
2014-02-03A fumbling engagement (finished)  
2014-02-07The glue that holds companies together  
2014-02-10All wired  
2014-02-15The power of a word  
2014-02-17Play with me some more  
2014-02-21Winter attire  
2014-02-24A typical winter day in Denver  
2014-02-28Just keep guarding  
2014-03-03Wait for it  
2014-03-07You'll never bee-lieve what I just herd  
2014-03-10Forever fleeting  
2014-03-14Never forget  
2014-03-17The luck of the Irish  
2014-03-21Drop one like a tetris master  
2014-03-24Put it in me  
2014-03-29Lost in transit  
2014-03-31For the love of...  
2014-04-04The silent killer  
2014-04-11Tried and not true  
2014-04-14Hell might get some company  
2014-04-18Yes boss  
2014-04-21Dream a little dream  
2014-04-25Attack of the Drones  
2014-04-28Wood you believe this?  
2014-05-02It's not a quiver  
2014-05-05Bar fly  
2014-05-12Knock on wood  
2014-05-16The conservative survivor  
2014-05-19A 'lil misunderstanding  
2014-05-23Zippy ads for a zippy culture  
2014-05-28Talking about dolls  
2014-06-01Generals just wanna have fun  
2014-06-02So you can sew  
2014-06-06There can be only one  
2014-06-09Give it to me already!  
2014-06-13Reporter Extraordinaire  
2014-06-16Grey marker  
2014-06-20Friend located  
2014-06-27You make me swell, whenever you're around  
2014-06-30Selling out  
2014-07-04Bursting in air  
2014-07-14Good times  
2014-07-18Recursive release  
2014-07-21The terror  
2014-07-25Here wolfy, wolfy wolfy  
2014-07-28Play until you're done  
2014-08-04Aiki humor  
2014-08-08If I can't have an Elopus...  
2014-08-11We are...  
2014-08-18Try and top this  
2014-08-22Chicago Comic Con 2014 sketch 1  
2014-08-23Chicago Comic Con 2014 sketch 2  
2014-08-24Chicago Comic Con 2014 sketch 3  
2014-08-25Chicago Comic Con 2014 sketch 4  
2014-08-26Chicago Comic Con 2014 sketch 5  
2014-08-27Chicago Comic Con 2014 sketch 6  
2014-08-28Chicago Comic Con 2014 sketch 7  
2014-08-29Chicago Comic Con 2014 sketch 8  
2014-09-02Labor-less day  
2014-09-05Game on  
2014-09-08Qualify thyself  
2014-09-12Eye see you  
2014-09-15Let it settle in  
2014-09-19We all need our minions  
2014-09-26More smoke than mirrors  
2014-09-29Being fluid  
2014-10-03House on Halloween Hill Part 1 of 23  
2014-10-06House on Halloween Hill Part 2 of 23  
2014-10-07House on Halloween Hill Part 3 of 23  
2014-10-08House on Halloween Hill Part 4 of 23  
2014-10-09House on Halloween Hill Part 5 of 23  
2014-10-14House on Halloween Hill Part 6 of 23  
2014-10-15House on Halloween Hill Part 7 of 23  
2014-10-16House on Halloween Hill Part 8 of 23  
2014-10-27House on Halloween Hill Part 9 of 23  
2014-10-28House on Halloween Hill Part 10 of 23  
2014-11-03Don't pick on me  
2014-11-10House on Halloween Hill Part 11 of 23  
2014-11-14Super duper, not super smart  
2014-11-19House on Halloween Hill Part 12 of 23  
2014-11-21Let the force flow  
2014-11-27House on Halloween Hill Part 13 of 23  
2014-11-29Turulhu cometh  
2015-01-05House on Halloween Hill Part 14 of 23  
2015-02-06I chew chews you  
2015-02-13Valentine's surprise  
2015-02-16A Vision  
2015-02-21Tequila eye  
2015-02-23If I could find a way  
2015-02-28Something missing  
2015-03-02Just a Blob, of pixels  
2015-03-12Care for a pinch  
2015-03-25Bats, bats, everywhere  
2015-03-28Flipping for you  
2015-04-01The harm in harmony  
2015-04-06Tangled webs  
2015-04-13Do the Heatwave dance  
2015-04-24Hard as iron  
2015-04-25On a wing and a prayer  
2015-04-27The Devil's day off  
2015-05-01Perky predacious Predators  
2015-05-03Don't rain on my parade  
2015-05-22Big blue  
2015-06-12Aaand you're outta here  
2015-06-26It's lonely being a ranger  
2015-07-08Green Goblin  
2015-07-15The where's Waldo of jokes  
2015-07-22Ghost Rider  
2015-07-29The Terrific Three  
2015-08-13Mr. Fantastic  
2015-08-21Knight and day  
2015-08-22Any way you cut it, it's the last fan standing  
2015-08-23I can haz braaains?  
2015-08-24It's hard being small  
2015-09-04Too hot to handle  
2015-09-09Getting a head  
2015-09-23Double the fun  
2015-09-30Hidden messages  
2015-10-05It's hard being a zombie, 1 of 8  
2015-10-07It's hard being a zombie, 2 of 8  
2015-10-12It's hard being a zombie, 3 of 8  
2015-10-14It's hard being a zombie, 4 of 8  
2015-10-20It's hard being a zombie, 5 of 8  
2015-10-22It's hard being a zombie, 6 of 8  
2015-10-26It's hard being a zombie, 7 of 8  
2015-10-28It's hard being a zombie, 8 of 8  
2015-10-31R.I.P. one for me  
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